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 Financial News

Latest financial news - CNNMoney.com Logo Latest financial news - CNNMoney.com

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Twitter doubles tweet length for some users If brevity is the soul of wit, Twitter is about to get a lot less clever.

Washington Post digital subscriptions soar past... The Washington Post is marking a milestone in its transition from being a local print newspaper to a national news website.

Bill Gates just switched to an Android phone Bill Gates now uses an Android phone.

Millions in the middle class will feel it if... Republicans may try to eliminate a tax deduction that helps many in the middle class.

Dyson plans to launch an electric car by 2020 Move over, fans and vacuums. Dyson is building electric cars.

Uber will exit Quebec unless new regulations... Uber could soon be leaving Quebec.

Senator Mark Warner: Equifax CEO's departure is... The sudden retirement of Equifax CEO Richard Smith isn't enough to squelch the fury of some Senate Democrats over a hack that compromised the personal information of as many as 143 million Americans.

U.S. slaps sanctions on 8 North Korean banks The Trump administration escalated pressure on Kim Jong Un to disband his nuclear weapons program by imposing sanctions on eight North Korean banks and more than two dozen North Korean nationals working in countries like China, Russia and Libya.

Microsoft Office 2019 is coming next year Microsoft's next big update for Office is coming soon.

This yogurt-maker startup is not the new Juicero It's an interesting time to launch a yogurt-making machine.

NFL, Facebook partner to show game highlights,... The NFL and Facebook have entered into a huge partnership that will bring official game highlights to the social media network.

Walmart staffers will use Facebook Workplace to... Read full story for latest details.

Russia threatens to block Facebook Russia says it will ban Facebook in 2018 if the social network fails to comply with local data storage laws.

NFL raising money for Puerto Rican relief The National Football League will lead a fundraising effort during Thursday night's game to raise money for hurricane relief on Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico's main airport is barely functioning The largest airport in Puerto Rico is still crippled almost a week after Hurricane Maria.

New Disney stores bring theme parks to you Read full story for latest details.

Trump says NFL ratings are 'way down.' That's... President Trump tweeted Tuesday morning that they NFL ratings "are way down." The numbers for the league's most recent games say otherwise.

Equifax CEO Richard Smith is out after stunning... Equifax CEO Richard Smith is out after the company's embarrassing data breach and botched response.

Why oil prices are up 20% since June Here's a surprise: Oil is back in bull market territory.

Lauren Williams named editor in chief of Vox;... Ezra Klein, who founded Vox three years ago, is handing off the editor in chief reins to his deputy Lauren Williams.

Articles last updated at Sep 26, 2017 16:03:19pm.
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